The blog of a student's semester abroad in the UK and my travels through Europe.

Just like everything else in my life, I’m home, so it will get done… eventually.

Friday, April 26
My last and final full day in London, and the weather started grey and cold but picked up by the afternoon. 
An early morning breakfast with the gang (sans Simone) for one final hurrah - we did it! - and then dropping off bits and bobs for a friend who will be in London on the program this summer. Stephen and I went to the Tate Britain, which was smaller than expected, with the Tate Modern being so vast and imposing. But it was a nice, easy, manageable museum, a good way to end the slew that I have seen here in GB.
Finally, a pub dinner and some relaxing in the TV lounge, before climbing into bed and snuggling up with my dino Henry just one last time.

Thursday, April 26

An early morning final (which I miraculously woke up for, despite a silent alarm) followed by High Tea with Stephen to celebrate our successful semester abroad.

Because it was a prize for our paper chase, we got to go in style - nice restaurant, fancy clothes, and champagne(!) all on BU’s dime. It was quite the winning experience. I really enjoyed just laughing and relaxing and enjoying the sun, my dress, and my one of my final days. 

It was a good one.

Things I am looking forward to (about being in America in 10 1/2 days)

-my bed
-dollar signs -THE SUN

Things I am going to miss about London (in less than 24 hours):
-reliable public transport
-a grocer on every other block
-the excuse to travel


Wednesday, April 24
All I can say is, Taylor is jealous. I spent the morning packing exorbitant amounts, defying the laws of physics with my suitcase, and some shopping, too. After a lazy afternoon of planning some of my Italy trip coming up, I went out to KOKO to see MT and Dog is Dead. 
MT blew it up, and I had forgotten I had seen them with the Palma Violets earlier this year… just as good. And Dog is Dead were showmen through and through. Overall… a killer way to see out the London music scene.

Feeling fly today. And PD was mentioned in TimeOut this week! Boo to the yah!

I am so close to being done packing… But I have all this random STUFF that keeps popping up… WHERE DID IT ALL COME FROM?? WILL IT ALL FIT IN MY SUITCASE??


Tuesday, April 23
What a day… for one that felt easy and lackadaisical, I ended up doing a TON!
Started with a four hour lecture, then a meeting across the city (where my boss gave me flowers and chocolate to say thank you for all my hard work - SO sweet!). Then I met Reed in Covent Garden for some tourist shopping, wandering around in the sun, and finally a stroll through Hyde Park. 
When we finally made it home, I collapsed into bed for a rest. About an hour later I went out for dinner (dwindling food supplies…) and had gnocchi. Yum! After that Stephen, Reed, Simone and I watched Doctor who and chilled out for the evening.

My first full day of activity in what feels like WEEKS! And I survived in tact (if tired). Oh boy, am I jazzed to say that!!!!!
Monday, April 22
I leave in no time at all… it’s becoming strange. Went back to Primark to return some things that didn’t fit… ended up buying out the store, but who cares?! It’s so cheap and chic!! (See above picture.)
Resting, relaxing, and packing and preparing are all that stand between me and my last Tuesday in London :)
Sundays in the Park with Kayla

Sunday, April 21

Shopping in Primark for more clothes - God, they’re so chic and cheap - and then off on a walk through Hyde Park with a boy. Not a very thrilling boy, but not someone who automatically makes me want to run away screaming, either, so that was a plus.

In the afternoon I rested, Reed made me dinner - spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread (YUM) - and we just hung out. All my papers are done, so the only thing left to do is pack, prepare, and read. Which is a-ok with me :)